Jiri Plachy

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A large number of cDNA inserts were sequenced from a high-quality library of chicken bursal lymphocyte cDNAs. Comparisons to public gene databases indicate that the cDNA collection represents more than 2,000 new, full-length transcripts. This resource defines the structure and the coding potential of a large fraction of B-cell specific and housekeeping(More)
Thousands of new vertebrate genes have been discovered and genetic systems are needed to address their functions at the cellular level. The chicken B cell line DT40 allows efficient gene disruptions due to its high homologous recombination activity. However, cloning the gene of interest is often cumbersome, since relatively few chicken cDNA sequences are(More)
A major outcome of the canonical Wnt/beta-catenin-signalling pathway is the transcriptional activation of a specific set of target genes. A typical feature of the transcriptional response induced by Wnt signalling is the involvement of Tcf/Lef factors that function in the nucleus as the principal mediators of signalling. Vertebrate Tcf/Lef proteins perform(More)
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