Jiri Novotny

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  • Fabian Chen, Hyun Kook, Rita Milewski, Aaron D. Gitler, Min Min Lu, Jun Li +11 others
  • 2002
Hop is a small, divergent homeodomain protein that lacks certain conserved residues required for DNA binding. Hop gene expression initiates early in cardiogenesis and continues in cardiomyocytes throughout embryonic and postnatal development. Genetic and biochemical data indicate that Hop functions directly downstream of Nkx2-5. Inactivation of Hop in mice(More)
More than 200 open reading frames (ORFs) from the human cytomegalovirus genome have been reported as potentially coding for proteins. We have used two pattern-based in silico approaches to analyze this set of putative viral genes. With the help of an objective annotation method that is based on the Bio-Dictionary, a comprehensive collection of amino acid(More)
The number and affinity of GABA(B) receptors (assayed by the specific antagonist [(3)H]CGP54626A) was unchanged when compared in carefully washed cerebrocortical membranes from young (12-day-old) and adult (90-day-old) rats. In contrast, high-affinity GTPase activity, both basal and baclofen-stimulated was significantly higher (by 45% and 56%, respectively)(More)
This paper describes a protocol detection using statistic information about a flow extended by packet sizes and time characteristics , which consist of packet inter-arrival times. The most common way of network traffic classification is a deep packet inspection (DPI). Our approach deals with the DPI disadvantage in power consumption using aggregated IPFIX(More)
  • Zdenka Drastichova, Jitka Skrabalova, Petr Jedelsky, Jan Neckar, Frantisek Kolar, Jiri Novotny
  • 2012
Morphine belongs among the most commonly used opioids in medical practice due to its strong analgesic effects. However, sustained administration of morphine leads to the development of tolerance and dependence and may cause long-lasting alterations in nervous tissue. Although proteomic approaches enabled to reveal changes in multiple gene expression in the(More)
Morphine exhibits important pharmacological effects for which it has been used in medical practice for quite a long time. However, it has a high addictive potential and can be abused. Long-term use of this drug can be connected with some pathological consequences including neurotoxicity and neuronal dysfunction, hepatotoxicity, kidney dysfunction, oxidative(More)
BACKGROUND Morphine is used in clinical practice as a highly effective painkiller as well as the drug of choice for treatment of certain heart diseases. However, there is lack of information about its effect on protein expression in the heart. Therefore, here we aimed to identify the presumed alterations in rat myocardial protein levels after prolonged(More)
BACKGROUND It is generally accepted that oxidative stress is an important factor in male infertility because it may impair the physiological function of spermatozoa at the molecular level. Nevertheless, although several approaches have been reported, the imbalance between production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and activity of the antioxidant defense(More)
BACKGROUND An imbalance between reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation in sperm and antioxidant capacity of seminal plasma has been linked to male infertility. The antioxidant power of biological fluids can be evaluated either by measurement of individual antioxidants or total antioxidant capacity (TAC). The aim of this study was to assess whether TAS(More)