Jiri Misurec

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This article describes a new robust method for digital audio signal watermarking, which exploits the MCLT (modified complex lapped transform). Magnitude components of the audio signal in the MCLT domain are exploited for watermark embedding. By adaptive adjustment of the coefficient of robustness, such changes in the magnitude of the audio signal components(More)
The paper surveys narrowband power line communications (PLCs) in the context of Smart Grid and remote Street Lighting Control. The specifications G3-PLC and PRIME are discussed. The field test results and data rate measurements are presented for different scenarios. They demonstrate the problems encountered when the PLC signal is necessary to be sent(More)
The back off algorithms are significant time consumptions function in the transmitting. This paper introduces a simulation of parameters of CSMA/CA and simulation of back off function of CSMA/CA used in power line technologies. The paper also describes the basic approaches for modeling of back off function and introduces simulation of this function with(More)
Detailed knowledge of the interference scenario is necessary for power line communication (PLC) systems. PLC model with appropriate noise model creates the basics in a way of searching for the most powerful coding and modulation techniques. This paper brings an overview of PLC communication model focusing mainly on a noise scenario. Finally, a blocks of the(More)
The article describes a way of evaluating the power line channel frequency response and input impedance by means of the linear time-invariant (LTI) power line generator. Two possible methods are introduced for the calculation of primary parameters: the first method depends on the physical realization and physical dimension of the cable, and the second(More)
– This article describes an implementation for the method from Texas Instruments for a random number generator in the ultra-low power microcontroller MSP430x5xx Families and the analysis of this generator in the concrete microcontroller MSP430f5438A. The generator may be used to generate numbers for cryptography security methods (for example in the(More)