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Fuzzy control systems have been successfully applied in many cases to which conventional control algorithms are difficult and even impossible to be applied. Fuzzy models have received significant attention from various fields of interest. Especially so called the Takagi-Sugeno-type fuzzy model which superbly describes a nonlinear system. In this paper we(More)
Control engineers usually face in industry to the large amount of complex processes. They need tools for assessing correct performance of control loops. This paper deals with the approach to identification procedures in control performance monitoring for PID control with PLC implementation. There are a lot of tools for performance monitoring on higher level(More)
This paper brings information about research activities of temperature measurement in boreholes. The described research is focused on unique geothermal boreholes system used for heat pumps applications. The first part of the contribution deals with long time measurement of the temperatures in boreholes used in heat pump installation. A system for monitoring(More)