Jiri Klima

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BACKGROUND The aim of this experimental study on New Zealand's white rabbits was to find differences in the results of treating the distal physeal femoral defect by the transplantation of autologous or allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). After the excision of a created bone bridge in the distal physis of the right femur, modified composite scaffold(More)
BACKGROUND Huntington's disease is induced by CAG expansion in a single gene coding the huntingtin protein. The mutated huntingtin (mtHtt) primarily causes degeneration of neurons in the brain, but it also affects peripheral tissues, including testes. OBJECTIVE We studied sperm and testes of transgenic boars expressing the N-terminal region of human(More)
The chemical effects of acoustic cavitation are obtained in sono-reactors built-up from a vessel and an ultrasonic source. In this paper, simulations of an existing sono-reactor are carried out, using a linear acoustics model, accounting for the vibrations of the solid walls. The available frequency range of the generator (19-21 kHz) is systematically(More)
The object of this report is to give a characterization of essentially context-sensitive languages (i. e. , context-sensitive languages that are not context-free) and, for that matter, a characterization of context-free languages among context-sensitive languages. We begin by introducing a restricted type of linear-bounded automata, linear-bounded automata(More)
Voltage sag or unbalance conditions at the input rectifier stage of the ac-dc-ac rectifier-inverter induction motor drive can cause the significant amounts of harmonic voltage at twice the line frequency 2f1. This voltage ripple can have a degrading effect on the induction-machine performance characteristics. This paper presents an analytical closed-form(More)
This paper presents a three-phase four-switch converter aimed at compensating reactive power in case of distorted and unbalanced source voltages. An original closed-form solution of line currents, based on the mixed p-z approach is presented. The analytical and experimental results are provided to verify the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme.
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