Jiri Jevicky

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The contribution includes characterizations of basic properties of two physically realized devices – simulators. It is the simulator of random kinematics excitation (the RKE Simulator) and the simulator of direction channel (the DCh Simulator). These simulators serve to probe for properties of the operator as an element of special man-machine(More)
During development of the passive optoelectronic rangefinder (POERF), its simulation model enacts an important role. The key part of algorithm for a range measurement by POERF is the disparity estimation of images T'1 and T'2 of a target point T from the stereo pair images. Specific conditions of this task do not allow using commonly published algorithms(More)
The principle of the passive optoelectronic rangefinder (POERF) is known since c. the second half of 1950s. Publications about research and development of POERF do not exist practically. Presumptive causes are presented in this contribution. We deal with POERF research and development since year 2003. The last fully functional demonstration model is from(More)
Active rangefinders used for measurement of longer distances of objects (targets), e.g. pulsed laser rangefinders, emit radiant energy, being in conflict with hygienic restrictions in various applications. Having been applied in security and military area there is a serious defect: irradiation can be detected by target. Used passive optoelectronic(More)
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