Jiri Jenícek

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Application dependent FPGA testing can reduce time and memory requirements comparing with the tests that exercise complete FPGA structure. This paper describes a methodology of FPGA testing that does not require reconfiguration of the tested hardware and thus it preserves conditions that caused erroneous behavior of the FPGA during its function. We show(More)
This paper describes a methodology of creating a built-in diagnostic system of a System on Chip and experimental results of the system application on the AT94K FPSLIC with cores designed according to the IEEE 1500 standard. The system spares memory and keeps acceptable test access mechanism requirements. The diagnostic system uses a built-in processor for(More)
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is not a homogenous group of pharmacological agents. The dose and the way of application can influence the different effects of pure estrogens, combination of estrogens and gestagens and selective tissue estrogenic activity regulators (STEARs). This should be taken into account when results of clinical trials are applied in(More)
The most morbid complication of laryngeal laser surgery is an endotracheal tube fire. The purposes of this study were to determine the efficiency of saline solution-soaked cottonoid pledgets in protecting endotracheal tube cuffs from the laser beam and to evaluate the safety of four commonly used endotracheal tubes. The method involved measurement of(More)