Jiri Borovec

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The analysis of protein-level multigene expression signature maps computed from the fusion of differently stained immunohistochemistry images is an emerging tool in cancer management. Creating these maps requires registering sets of histological images, a challenging task due to their large size, the non-linear distortions existing between consecutive(More)
We describe an automatic method for fast registration of images with very different appearances. The images are jointly segmented into a small number of classes, the segmented images are registered, and the process is repeated. The segmentation calculates feature vectors on superpixels and then it finds a softmax classifier maximizing mutual information(More)
It is known that image registration is mostly driven by image edges. We have taken this idea to the extreme. In segmented images, we ignore the interior of the components and focus on their boundaries only. Furthermore, by assuming spatial compactness of the components, the similarity criterion can be approximated by sampling only a small number of points(More)
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