Jiri A Mejsnar

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Using liquid ion-exchanger semimicroelectrodes with a side pore, we measured changes of extracellular potassium concentration (Ke+) in adult rabbit and cat gastrocnemius muscles and in venous effluent blood flowing from the cat gastrocnemius muscle during various bouts of activity induced by sciatic nerve stimulation. 1. Isometric tetanic contractions (at(More)
Myofibril-bound creatine kinase EC (CK), a key enzyme of muscle energy metabolism, has been selected for studies of conformational changes that underlie the cellular control of enzyme activity. For fluorescence spectroscopy measurements, the CK molecule was double-labeled with IAF (5-iodoacetamidofluorescein) and ErITC (erythrosin(More)
A hypothesis is presented according to which noradrenaline (NA) infused into the blood reaches the biophase of thermogenic cells through three "cascade" steps, namely the blood volume, extravascular space and biophase. The influx rate of the NA entering the system is given by a forcing function and multiplied by cardiac output. Distribution of the NA at(More)
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