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A stable adaptive fuzzy control method is proposed for multiple-input multiple-output uncertain nonlinear systems. The adaptive law utilizes two types of errors in the adaptive fuzzy systems, the tracking error and approximation error. This control law is applied to a two link robot manipulator, and simulation results show its validity
Early detection of pulmonary nodules on Multi-Slice Computed Tomography (MSCT) is an important clinical indication for early-stage lung cancer diagnosis. Currently, support vector machines (SVMs) have been widely used in pattern recognition. We are developing a nodule detection system by using the combination of SVMs. For training and testing the SVM(More)
The detection of pulmonary nodules is proven to be of critical importance in early-stage lung cancer diagnosis. Many computer aided detection (CAD) methods combined with morphological approach and pattern recognition technology to identify lung nodules have been proposed to assist the radiologists to improve sensitivity of diagnosis. We present a computer(More)
The segmentation of the ascending aorta from multislice computed tomography (MSCT) volume data is one of the critical steps for the quantitative analysis coronary artery. In this paper, a fast and automatic iterative method is presented. The method locates the volume of interest (VOI) of the ascending aorta and detects the seed point automatically. Then an(More)
It has been proven that early detection of pulmonary nodules is an important clinical indication for early-stage lung cancer diagnosis. Recently, support vector machines(SVMs) have been extensively used in pattern recognition. However, the application object for SVMs used for false positives(FPs) reduction when detecting lung nodules is generally based on(More)
Form is the information media in the application system and becomes very important in the daily business processing, especially in the workflow enviroment. In this paper, we analyze the form related concepts, elements and show how to implement a form system with a real form system, call UniEAP Form. To play a full power in application systems, we address(More)
Multi-channel communication in a Wireless Mesh Network with routers having multiple radio interfaces significantly enhances the network capacity. Efficient channel assignment is critical for realization of optimal throughput in such networks. In this paper, we investigate the problem of finding the largest number of links that can be connected with the(More)
Component-based software development is becoming a discipline in software engineering community, but it still immature in enterprise application development. OSGi gives some insights for component-based development (CBD). By proposing an ideal component model for enterprise applications, we analyze the performance of OSGi against such a model. The result(More)
The quantitative analysis of the airway tree is of critical importance in the CT-based diagnosis and treatment of popular pulmonary diseases. The extraction of airway centerline is a precursor to identify airway hierarchical structure, measure geometrical parameters, and guide visualized detection. Traditional methods suffer from extra branches and circles(More)
To extend the lifetime of the sensor networks as far as possible while maintaining the quality of network coverage is a major concern in the research of coverage control. A systematical analysis on the relationship between the network lifetime and cover sets alternation is given, and by introducing the concept of time weight factor, the network lifetime(More)