Jirayuth Mahattanakul

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A CMOS analog buffer with high output drivability is presented. The buffer combines class-AB operation with rail-to-rail signal swing. A new adaptive biasing scheme is proposed with low complexity, thereby allowing the construction of a very compact, low-power analog voltage buffer with wide bandwidth and high slew rate. Simulated results using a 0.35-mum(More)
The design procedure of the two-stage CMOS operational amplifiers employing Miller capacitor in conjunction with the common-gate current buffer is presented. Unlike the previously reported design strategy of the opamp of this type, which results in the opamp with a pair of nondominant complex conjugate poles and a finite zero, the proposed procedure is(More)
A low-voltage low-power CMOS four quadrant analog multiplier based directly on a cross-coupled squarer topology and suitable for the deep submicron technology is presented. Simulation results using 0.35-μm process parameters show that, when operated under a 1.5V single supply, the proposed multiplier consumes 290 μW of quiescent power, its linear range with(More)