Jirarat Sitthiworachart

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The interdisciplinary nature of Computer Science Education as a field of study is a complicating factor when authors are choosing appropriate journals and conferences for publishing research results. This paper reports a survey of 42 such publications in order to identify the types of paper frequently accepted for publication in each. We review existing(More)
This paper discusses the potential for web-based peer assessment, based on the numerous possibilities for different communication patterns that the technology affords. It describes and compares two novel web-based peer assessment systems for computer programming courses, and discusses their deployment on large programming modules. The results indicate that(More)
In the present world of information, text classification is a more challenging process due to the larger number of training cases and feature set present in text data. One of the most difficult tasks in the text classification problem is high dimensionality of the feature space. As many real world text classifications are not modeled or too difficult to(More)
Peer assessment is a technique that has been successfully employed in a variety of academic disciplines, and it is considered as effective in developing students’ higher cognitive skills. This paper describes the potential for web-based peer assessment with an anonymous communication tool, and reports the results of applying a novel web-based technology to(More)
Mobile learning is widely regarded as the next generation of learning technologies, and refers to the use of mobile devices in education to enhance learning activities. The increasing use of mobile devices has encouraged research into the capabilities of mobile learning systems. Many questions arise about mobile learning, such as whether mobile learning can(More)