Jirí Vymetal

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The primary aim of this study was evaluation of the efficacy of telmisartan (angiotensin II receptor blocker- AT(1) blocker) on blood pressure in 10 patients with renal impairment in moderate or advanced stages of renal insufficiency and not dependent on haemodialysis. Its effect on proteinuria, renal function (represented by serum urea, creatinine,(More)
Aggressiveness is one of the basic characteristics of human beings. It can be defined as a relatively constant individual disposition or group characteristic manifested by the frequency, intensity and mode of aggressive behaviour. Aggressiveness has an inborn basis but its frequency, intensity and form are acquired during life and can therefore be(More)
On a quotation from the early dialogue of Plato, Charmides, the author demonstrates that since the beginnings principle to treat man as a whole, as his psychic and bodily processes are closely interlinked. At the same time the irreplaceable role of psychotherapy in the prevention and treatment of impaired health is explained. Psychotherapy is implemented(More)
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