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The paper describes an application of large scale finite element analysis for the assessment of stress changes in rocks induced by mining. This application alows us to illustrate efficiency of an approach based mainly on problem decomposition and parallel computing. For the main part of the computations, which is the solution of large linear systems, we use(More)
The paper is devoted to the numerical solution of both elliptic and parabolic problems by overlapping Schwarz methods. It demonstrates that while the two-level Schwarz method is necessary for the efficient solution of discrete elliptic problems, the one-level Schwarz method can be sufficiently efficient in the parabolic case. The paper includes results from(More)
Digital image based numerical micromechanics of geocomposites with application to chemical grouting. Hydromechanical modelling with application in sealing for underground waste deposition. Preconditioners for regularized saddle point problems with an application for heterogeneous Darcy flow problems. Comparison of three choices of objective function for(More)