Jirí Safarík

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One of the difficulties inherent to conservative parallel discrete event simulation (PDES) is the need for extraction and explicit specification of the lookahead. In this paper we propose a simulator design which allows users to build simulation models with lookahead transparently. This is based on the cooperation between PDES experts and the users, and on(More)
Mobile devices manage limited resources, above all data storage capacity and data transfer rate. Data amount used by nowadays applications is beyond the capability of mobile devices. A distributed file system presents an appropriate solution, but current distributed file systems are not suitable for mobile devices. We have explored the properties of current(More)
In recent years, versioning has emerged as a very popular operating system feature for file systems. Some of these systems can provide user friendly “go back in time” feature, where the user can see exactly how file system looked on the dates he specifies. The advantages of these techniques are however, not present or(More)
Using of mobile devices has grown over the past years. Under the term “mobile devices”, we can see cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), smart phones, netbooks, tablets etc. Mobile devices provide many function e.g. accessing internet and e-mail, playing music and movies, accessing files from remote storage. Disadvantage of mobile(More)
Cache in mobile devices serves for data storing in order to serve future requests to that data faster. Before the data are stored in the cache, they have to be transferred from a server through the mobile network. The mobile network is prone to failure caused by users' movement. Moreover, the speed of the network is variable because of various(More)
Distributed simulation is one of the obvious ways how to deal with the growing complexity of many problems solved using simulation approach. We have proposed and implemented an object-oriented toolset for developing both sequential and distributed simulation architectures, based on a sound formal background and our previous experience. Model hierarchy based(More)
Need of storing huge amounts of data has grown over the past years. The data should be stored for future reuse or for sharing among users. Data files can be stored on a local file system or on a distributed file system. A distributed file system provides many advantages such as reliability, scalability, security, etc. This paper shows new trends in these(More)
Mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and netbooks, are now becoming increasingly popular. Effective access to remote files on servers in the network should be granted to the user. Today’s common distributed file systems, such as OpenAFS, Coda, and others, are not suitable for use on mobile devices. The user is forced either to access a particular(More)