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The main aim of this work was to use multi-instrumental analytical apparatus to investigate the effects of treatment with cadmium(II) and/or lead(II) ions (50, 250 and 500 µM) for twelve days on early somatic spruce embryos (ESEs). Primarily we used image analysis for estimation of growth and a fluorimetric sensor for enzymatic detection of viability of the(More)
Acetylsalicylic acid (AcSA), or aspirin, was introduced in the late 1890s and has been used to treat a variety of inflammatory conditions. The aim of this work was to suggest electrochemical sensor for acetylsalicylic detection. Primarily, we utilized square wave voltammetry (SWV) using both carbon paste electrode (CPE) and of graphite pencil electrode(More)
A very interesting and promising numerical method of solving systems of ordinary differential equations based on Taylor series has appeared. The potential of the Taylor series has been exposed by many practical experiments and a way of detection and solution of large systems of ordinary differential equations has been found. Generally speaking, a stiff(More)
In a matter of just a few years, the programmable graphics processor unit has evolved into an absolute computing workhorse. With multiple cores driven by very high memory bandwidth, today's GPUs offer incredible resources for both graphics and non-graphics processing. An original mathematical method "Modern Taylor Series Method'' (MTSM) which uses the(More)
  • Miroslav Linhart, Alexandr Meduna, +28 authors Petr Lampa
  • 2002
guarantees the running of computer laboratories, servers and information systems both for education and research process. Students have an unrestricted access to all systems during work and weekend days. The laboratory is equipped with various computer architecture servers: Sun Enterprise 450, HP 9000/800, IBM RS/6000, FreeBSD and Linux systems on Intel(More)
It is the aim of the paper to describe both new developed Modern Taylor Series Method (MTSM) and well-known multi-rate integration method in real-time simulations. An example is used to demonstrate methodology of both integration methods. To show how simple it is to solve problem using Taylor series the multi-rate integration is described in a great detail.
BACKGROUND Somatic embryogenesis in conifer species has great potential for the forestry industry. Hence, a number of methods have been developed for their efficient and rapid propagation through somatic embryogenesis. Although information is available regarding the previous process-mediated generation of embryogenic cells to form somatic embryos, there is(More)
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