Jirí Navrátil

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Our objective was to verify whether modern computer network and audiovisual technologies can enable collaborative work between performing artists when they are distributed across large distances and what the requirements and limitations are. Such distributed collaborative environments will bring new opportunities both for the artists and the audience. We(More)
The Communist era and its legacy became an important part of Czech (political) culture and identity after 1989. This phenomenon is especially powerful in relation to the meaning making of the communist era after 1989 and the way Czechs are getting over it. Labels such as communist, Bolshevik, normalization, nationalization of property and many others(More)
Modern robotic surgery using stereoscopic video views of surgical elements can also enable novel E-health applications, such as remote medical students training or presentations of surgical procedures on symposia. The requirement is that such video signals are transmitted remotely in high quality and low latency. In this paper we describe our experience(More)
Stereoscopic and immersive visualisations are used in various scientific and engineering fields. We describe our experience with long-distance transmissions enabling real-time interaction with a remote 3D model of historical architecture over a long-distance transmission. We illustrate the potential of such technology for distance research, education and(More)
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