Jirí Král

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Service orientation is becoming the leading paradigm of contemporary software. The paradigm has been well known and successfully used in some domains like process control for decades. It is, however, a new paradigm in business scopes for many people and many software vendors. We discuss some implications of this fact. We study patterns in service-oriented(More)
The aim of this paper is to describe our new results that increase AgentSpeak(L)-based agent flexibility of decision making process. Namely we introduce several Algorithms and program constructions that allow us to implement non-trivial intention and substitution selection. Intention selection is based on a heuristics that estimates possible plan execution,(More)
This particular paper describes our most recent work on our system called JAWS. This system is intended to control and monitor Wireless Sensor Network. In principle, JAWS is agent system built on JADE platform. It consists of several agents that are able to communicate with Wireless Sensor Nodes. Via communication, we are able to obtain values from(More)
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