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Soil burdens of persistent organic pollutants--their levels, fate and risk. Part I. Variation of concentration ranges according to different soil uses and locations.
While HCHs and HCB were found at highest levels in arable soils, the higher concentrations of PCDDs/Fs, PCBs, PAHs and DDTs were observed in high altitude forest soils, which strongly correlated with the soil organic carbon content. Expand
Addition of Spironolactone in Patients With Resistant Arterial Hypertension (ASPIRANT): A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial
In conclusion, spironolactone is an effective drug for lowering systolic BP in patients with resistant arterial hypertension. Expand
Genetic diversity and population structure of pea (Pisum sativum L.) varieties derived from combined retrotransposon, microsatellite and morphological marker analysis
Values for average gene diversity and allelic richness for molecular marker loci and diversity indexes of phenotypic data were found to be similar between the two collections, showing that this is a useful approach for representative core selection. Expand
Circulating serum microRNAs as novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for multiple myeloma and monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance
Exposure to TaqMan Low Density Arrays demonstrates that expression patterns of circulating microRNAs are altered in multiple myeloma and monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance and miR-744 with let-7e are associated with survival ofMyeloma patients. Expand
Associations between fish reproductive cycle and the dynamics of metazoan parasite infection
The results suggest that stone loach females are more susceptible to parasite infection in periods of higher reproductive investment, probably induced by increasing fish hormone levels in the spring. Expand
Bioaccumulation of mercury in muscle tissue of fish in the Elbe River (Czech Republic): multispecies monitoring study 1991-1996.
An evidently rather stabilized total Hg pollution in the Elbe River environment is documented, with decreasing sensitivity of older predator individuals to differentiate highly and moderately contaminated sites. Expand
Substrate specificity of haloalkane dehalogenases.
A systematic analysis of the substrate specificities of nine wild-type and four engineered haloalkane dehalogenases revealed that the architecture of the active site and the main access tunnel significantly influences the substrate specificity of these enzymes, but is not its only determinant. Expand
Trends in background levels of persistent organic pollutants at Kosetice observatory, Czech Republic.2) Part II. Aquatic and terrestrial environments 1996-2005.
A multimedia sampling of ambient air, wet deposition, surface water, sediment, soil and biota has been performed at Kosetice background observatory in the southern Czech Republic since 1988. AnExpand
Parasite communities of freshwater fish under flood conditions
It is concluded that the parasite communities of the three fish species responded in different ways to the flood, due to changes in the host life history strategy or in the immune response in conditions of stress. Expand
Infectious Complications and Immune/Inflammatory Response in Cardiogenic Shock Patients: A Prospective Observational Study
Insidious complications in patients with cardiogenic shock and the immune/inflammatory response based on a serial measurement of several blood-based inflammatory biomarkers found a strong relationship between the elevated inflammatory markers and the 3-month mortality. Expand