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Low dose pulse methotrexate (LDMTX) therapy has become effective in the treatment of autoimmune and lymphoproliferative diseases. The pharmacokinetics of LDMTX is individually highly variable, resulting in a different systemic exposure to the drug and a variable therapeutic/toxic effect in patients. The improvements and exacerbations of disease activity in(More)
We propose a new approach to diagnostic evaluation of screening mammograms based on local statistical texture models. The local evaluation tool has the form of a multivariate probability density of gray levels in a suitably chosen search window. First, the density function in the form of Gaussian mixture is estimated from data obtained by scanning of the(More)
We introduce a new feature selection method suitable for non-monotonic criteria, i.e., for Wrapper-based feature selection. Inspired by Oscillating Search, the Dynamic Oscillating Search: (i) is deterministic, (ii) optimizes subset size, (iii) has built-in preference of smaller subsets, (iv) has higher optimization performance than other sequential methods.(More)
The colorectal cancer ranks high among the malignant tumours in incidence and mortality and irinotecan is standardly used in palliative treatment of metastatic disease in every therapeutic line. Unfortunately, the treatment with irinotecan is often associated with severe toxicities, especially neutropenia and diarrhea. The majority of the toxic(More)
The paper deals with estimation of finite distribution mixtures which are practically important in cluster analysis, pattern recognition and other fields. After a brief survey of existing methods attention is confined to maximum-likelihood estimates, especially to an iterative procedure frequently discussed in the recent literature. It is shown that this(More)
A new method of colour texture modelling based on Gaussian distribution mixtures is discussed. We estimate the local statistical properties of the monospectral version of the target texture in the form of a Gaussian mixture of product components. The synthesized texture is obtained by means of a step-wise prediction of the texture image. In order to achieve(More)
The design of layered neural networks is posed as it problem of estimating finite mixtures of normal den.. s i t i es i n the f ramework of statist ical decision-making. The output uni t s of the ne twork (third layer) cor-re,. spond to class-conditional inixtures defined as weightrd sunis of a given set of norinal denszties which can bc viewed as radial(More)
It is well known that log-likelihood function for finite mixtures usually has local maxima and therefore the iterative EM algorithm for maximum-likelihood estimation of mixtures may be starting-point dependent. In the present paper we propose a method of choosing initial parameters of mixtures which includes two stages: (a) computation of nonparametric(More)