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This work deals with the design of secure communication protocol based on neural network synchronization. Protocol is built on the application-layer of the OSI upon TCP/IP. Server and each connected client must create special type of neural network called Tree Parity Machine then compute outputs of their neural networks and iteratively exchange those(More)
We present an automated approach to prove termination of Java Bytecode (JBC) programs by automatically transforming them to term rewrite systems (TRSs). In this way, the numerous techniques and tools developed for TRS termination can now be used for imperative object-oriented languages like Java, which can be compiled into JBC.
—It is commonly known that chaotic systems are extremely sensitive to initial parameters and these systems can be very helpful in the field of cryptography from this reason. Logistic maps of deterministic chaos can be used for the generation of encryption key. This key is then used for the image encryption. This paper proposes usage of chaotic encryption(More)
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