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The aim of this article is a qualitative analysis of two modern finite volume (FVM) schemes. First one is the so called Modified Causon's scheme, which is based on the classical MacCormack FVM scheme in total variation diminishing (TVD) form, but is simplified in such a way that the demands on computational power are much smaller without loss of accuracy.(More)
The article describes development of a high order finite volume method for solution of transonic flow problems. The method is based on a reconstruction procedure similar to weighted ENO. Our reconstruction procedure is based on least square method with data dependent weights which is much simpler to implement than ENO scheme. The computational results(More)
The Advanced Photon Source Upgrade (APS-U) Project at Argonne will include generation of short-pulse x-rays based on Zholents' deflecting cavity scheme [1]. We have chosen superconducting (SC) cavities in order to have a continuous train of crabbed bunches and flexibility of operating modes. In collaboration with Jefferson Laboratory, we are prototyping and(More)
The article deals with the numerical simulation of transitional flows. The aim is to evaluate two models for turbomachinery flows. The first model is a simple algebraic model developed by Straka and Příhoda and the second one is the three-equation $$k-k_L-\omega $$ model of Walters and Cokljat. Both models were tested for shear flows over the flat plate(More)