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This study presents a methodology for risk analysis and assessment of drought disaster to agricultural production in the maize-growing area of Songliao Plain of China based on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) from the viewpoints of climatology, geography, disaster science, and environmental science and so on. Crop yield–climate analysis and regression(More)
Floods are a devastating kind of natural disaster. About half of the population in China lives in rural areas. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the flood disaster risk of rural housings. The results are valuable for guiding the rescue and relief goods layout. In this study, we take the severe flood disaster that happened at Kouqian Town in Jilin, China(More)
In this study, an experiment was performed to assess the trip difficulty for urban residents of different age groups walking in various depths of water, and the data were corroborated with the real urban rainstorm waterlogging scenarios in downtown (Daoli district) Ha-Erbin (China). Mathematical models of urban rainstorm waterlogging were constructed using(More)
In this paper, an Urban Light Index (ULI) is constructed to facilitate analysis and quantitative evaluation of the process of urbanization and expansion rate by using DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data during the years from 1992 to 2010. A unit circle urbanization evaluation model is established to perform a comprehensive analysis of the urbanization process of(More)
With the acceleration of urbanization, waterlogging has become an increasingly serious issue. Road waterlogging has a great influence on residents' travel and traffic safety. Thus, evaluation of residents' travel difficulties caused by rainstorm waterlogging disasters is of great significance for their travel safety and emergency shelter needs. This study(More)
Desertification is a typical disaster risk event in which human settlements and living environments are destroyed. Desertification Disaster Risk Assessment can control and prevent the occurrence and development of desertification disasters and reduce their adverse influence on human society. This study presents the methodology and procedure for risk(More)
This paper evaluated the oil spillage risk in the waters near the island of Changxing in Dalian (China) based on the established risk assessment index. Four wind regimes (windless, northerly wind, westerly wind and southerly wind) were selected as weather conditions for the dynamic prediction of oil drift. If an oil spill occurs near the Koumen (a place(More)
Rice is the second largest staple crop in the world and therefore plays an important role in food security. As a thermophilic crop, rice is sensitive to temperature changes. Thus, research on the chilling damage of rice is essential. The Sanjiang Plain is an emerging rice production area and is located at high latitudes in China, the world’s largest(More)
Urban waterlogging seriously threatens the safety of urban residents and properties. Wargame simulation research on resident emergency evacuation from waterlogged areas can determine the effectiveness of emergency response plans for high risk events at low cost. Based on wargame theory and emergency evacuation plans, we used a wargame exercise method,(More)