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Molecular hydrogen (H2) metabolism in bacteria and algae has been well studied from an industrial perspective because H2 is viewed as a potential future energy source. A number of clinical trials have recently reported that H2 is a therapeutic antioxidant and signaling molecule. Although H2 metabolism in higher plants was reported in some early studies, its(More)
Oligopeptide transporters (OPTs) play important roles in the mobilization of organic nitrogenous compounds and usually associate with tissues that show signs of rapid protein hydrolysis, such as germinating seeds and senescing leaves. This study is to investigate rice OPT genes. A total of sixteen OsOPT genes (Os for Oryza sative L.) were identified in the(More)
While the medical effects of hydrogen have been broadly analyzed, research into the effects of hydrogen on higher plants has often been of lesser concern. Recent studies on the botanical effects of hydrogen have shown that it is involved in signal transduction pathways of plant hormones and can improve the resistance of plants to stressors, such as drought,(More)
The modern cryptography is based on information theory in nature. Current cryptosystems rely on mathematics, which take information processing as transformation of numbers or characters. I.e., plaintext, key and crypto text are in the same information level or logical level. Only "one-time pad" system has been proved information-theoretical secure, the rest(More)
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