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Impacts of biochar on greenhouse gas emissions and C sequestration in agricultural soils have been considered as the key to mitigate climate change. There is limited knowledge regarding the effects of rice straw-derived biochar and interaction with N fertilization on soil C sequestration and rice productivity in fertile paddy fields. A 2-year (2013 and(More)
The paper presents a methodology called hybrid documents co-citation analysis, for studying the interaction between science and technology in technology diffusion. Our approach rests mostly on patent citation, cluster analysis and network analysis. More specifically, with the patents citing Smalley RE in Derwent innovations index as the data sets, the paper(More)
BACKGROUND Neural regeneration following nerve injury is an emerging field that attracts extending interests all over the world. OBJECTIVE To use bibliometric indexes to track studies focusing on neural regeneration, and to investigate the relationships among geographic origin, countries and institutes, keywords in the published articles, and especially(More)
Concerns regarding rising population levels and the impacts of atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on world climate have encouraged effective alternative methods to increase agricultural production while mitigating climate change. Soil GHG emissions from maize (Zea mays L.) fields treated with stover and a stover-derived biochar amendment during two(More)
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