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In Wyner-Ziv video coding, efficient compression is achieved by exploiting source statistics at the decoder only, which is radically different from conventional video coding. The performance of a Wyner-Ziv video codec is greatly dependent on the quality of reconstructed side information. In this paper we give an explicit motion compensation scheme. Unlike(More)
In this paper we address the problem of transferring interactive video over wireless channels. We propose a distributed video coding solution based on Wyner-Ziv coding. To adapt to the highly time-varying wireless channels, the transmission of interactive video based on Wyner-Ziv coding is applied in a proactive way: only the current frame coded by(More)
Abstract— How to stop error propagation due to packet loss is one of the hardest problems with wireless video. In this paper, we have proposed 1) an ideal client-server communication mode for wireless video. The center idea is to free the server from the feedbacks coming from clients. and 2) a new motion compensation scheme: reversible motion compensation.(More)
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