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Elasticity has now become the elemental feature of cloud computing as it enables the ability to dynamically add or remove virtual machine instances when workload changes. However, effective virtualized resource management is still one of the most challenging tasks. When the workload of a service increases rapidly, existing approaches cannot respond to the(More)
As an emerging portable service platform, OSGi is now taking a more and more important role in Ubiquitous Computing environment. As a module management framework, OSGi provides the functions of dynamic loading and unloading software modules at runtime. But its use is limited because it is centralized and single programming language supported. In this paper(More)
As an emerging portable service platform, OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative) is taking a more and more important role in modern Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). In order to improve the capability of using distributed services in network-based OSGi applications, R-OSGi (Remote OSGi) is invented. However, network-based SOA applications are prone to(More)
Leaf wax δDn-alkane values have shown to differ significantly among plant life forms (e.g., among grasses, shrubs, and trees) in higher plants. However, the underlying causes for the differences in leaf wax δDn-alkane values among different plant life forms remain poorly understood. In this study, we observed that leaf wax δDn-alkane values between major(More)
Effective virtualized resource provisioning is one of the most challenging tasks of the cloud computing system. Especially when visits to an online service are rapidly increasing, state-of-the-art approaches cannot response to the workload changes in time. In this paper we introduce SPRNT, a framework that accelerates the resource provisioning. By using(More)
This paper introduces Muclouds, a parallel simulation framework for simulating large-scale cloud computing systems. Muclouds improves the simulation performance for these large systems, such that the simulation time can be minimized. To achieve this goal, in this paper we propose a novel technique named stage and partition (SAP). SAP is based on the(More)
—As an emerging portable service platform, OSGi is now taking a more and more important role in constructing a ubiquitous computing system. Since ubiquitous computing system is always a distributed system, people may face many challenges such as heterogeneous devices communication and vulnerable wireless network. This paper proposes a solution for(More)
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