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Reversible logic is a key technique for quantum computing so leading to low-power designs. However, current synthesis algorithms for reversible circuits are low efficiency and do not obtain optimized reversible circuits, so they are only applied to small logic functions. In this paper, we propose a new method based on positive Davio expansion to synthesize(More)
Single relay selection has been shown to be an attractive strategy for cooperative communications. In this work, we extend the distributed selection cooperation protocol with feedback to multisource multidestination cooperative networks and investigate the best relay confliction problem existing in the scenario. In the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)(More)
Through automatic repeat request (ARQ) mechanism, additional diversity benefit can be obtained for delay-tolerant wireless networks. In this paper, we combine the distributed selection cooperation protocols with ARQ mechanism to develop more powerful cooperative schemes and analyze their performance from the perspective of diversity-multiplexing-delay(More)
For large cooperative wireless networks where direct links are limited in the neighbors of each node, we develop a diffusion automatic repeat request (ARQ) protocol based on selection cooperation. The number of potential relays for selection increases as the ARQ process continues and even the nodes that have no direct link with the source could cooperate(More)