Jinyun Yuan

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A family of variable metric methods for convex constrained optimization was introduced recently by Birgin, Martínez and Raydan. One of the members of this family is the Inexact Spectral Projected Gradient (ISPG) method for minimization with convex constraints. At each iteration of these methods a strictly convex quadratic function with convex constraints(More)
In this paper we present a trust region method of conic model for linearly constrained optimization problems. We discuss trust region approachs with conic model subproblems. Some equivalent variation properties and optimality conditions are given. A trust region algorithm based on conic model is constructed. Global convergence of the method is proved.
A family of nonempty closed convex sets is built by using the data of the Generalized Nash equilibrium problem (GNEP). The sets are selected iteratively such that the intersection of the selected sets contains solutions of the GNEP. The algorithm introduced by Iusem-Sosa (2003) is adapted to obtain solutions of the GNEP. Finally some numerical experiments(More)
The mammalian liver has a very strong regeneration capacity after partial hepatectomy (PH). To further learn the genes participating in the liver regeneration (LR), 551 cDNAs selected from subtracted cDNA libraries of the regenerating rat liver were screened by microarray, and their expression profiles were studied by cluster and generalization analyses.(More)
While the role of drug resistance mutations in HIV protease has been studied comprehensively, mutations in its substrate, Gag, have not been extensively cataloged. Using deep sequencing, we analyzed a unique collection of longitudinal viral samples from 93 patients who have been treated with therapies containing protease inhibitors (PIs). Due to the high(More)
In this article, a characteristic scheme is considered for the viscoelastic Oldroyd fluid flows based on the lowest equal-order finite element pair. The diffusion term in these equations is discretized by using finite element method, the temporal differentiation and advection terms are treated by characteristic scheme and the integral term is handled by(More)
Establishing peripheral CD8(+) T cell tolerance is vital to avoid immune mediated destruction of healthy self-tissues. However, it also poses a major impediment to tumor immunity since tumors are derived from self-tissue and often induce T cell tolerance and dysfunction. Thus, understanding the mechanisms that regulate T cell tolerance versus immunity has(More)