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Based on Markowitzpsila theory of asset portfolio, a multi-factor and optimal model for portfolio investment in the condition of considering friction factors in China security market is established. A hybrid methodology PSACO (particle swarm ant colony optimization) combining particle swarm optimization with ant colony optimization algorithm is applied to(More)
a novel model was proposed for short-term electricity price forecasting based on Rough set approach and improved Support Vector Machines¿SVM¿. Firstly, we can get reduced information table with no information loss by Rough set approach. And then, this reduced information is used to develop classification rules and train SVM, at the same time, we make use of(More)
With the rapid development of the national economy, the growing of power consumption and the increasing of the power peak-valley difference, the construction of Pumped-storage power station has a broad space for development, but there are several risks in the construction, so the study of risk management of Pumped Storage Power Station Construction Project(More)
This paper uses a method of integrating theory with practice; come out a view that is in the marketing innovation, in addition to considering the costs of control of business, the consumers' view should be paid more attention to. It argue that consumers are the most important marketing considerations to build a green marketing theory, come to a conclusions(More)
Fifteen morphologically and structurally complete sacrum specimens of normotrophic adult females were choosen. Distances between posterior sacral foramina and median sacral crest,and between the cores of adjacent posterior sacral foramina were measured. Then statistical analysis was done so as to provide objective anatomical evidence for the surface(More)
In today's society, corporate social responsibility has been paid more attention. However, the fulfillment of social responsibility often has a certain degree of uncertainty and fuzziness for enterprise. In this article, we use the expert investigation method and entropy weight method to determine the weight of the indexes, as well as the fuzzy(More)
The analysis of this text was carried out on the electric power enterprise performance evaluation on basis of symbiosis theory, which had stressed on the relation of the enterprise social performance and the whole enterprise performance. It provided a type of artificial neural network trained by experts for evaluating the electric power enterprise. Finally(More)
This paper proposes a new clustering method for images called distribution preserving indexing (DPI). It aims to find a lower dimensional semantic space approximating the original image space in the sense of preserving the distribution of the data. In the theory, the intrinsic structure of the data clusters can be described by the distribution of the data(More)
In this paper, we improved the classical Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) by choosing a group of sparse orthonormal basis to be the discriminative vectors. Unlike the traditional null space LDA which merely focus on a group of orthonormal basis, we constrain the discriminative vectors to be sparse. In this case, each of the vectors merely contains part of(More)
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