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Executive Summary This document describes the design of the Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment. Recent discoveries in neutrino physics have shown that the Standard Model of particle physics is incomplete. The observation of neutrino oscillations has unequivocally demonstrated that the masses of neutrinos are nonzero. The small-ness of the neutrino masses(More)
The factors that affect reliable estimations of mutation rates (mu) in cultured mammalian somatic cell populations by fluctuation analysis are studied experimentally and statistically. We analyze the differential effect of the final cell population size in each culture (Nt) and the number of parallel cultures (C) on the variation in the rate estimates (mu)(More)
In their classic paper which demonstrated the preadaptive origin of phage resistance in bacteria, Luria and Delbriick (1943) proposed the use of the fluctuation test to estimate mutation rates in a bacterial population. Subsequently, a number of investigators have examined this problem from various angles, including formal 1980), all dealing with the(More)
Microfabricated regular sieving structures hold great promise as an alternative to gels to improve biomolecule separation speed and resolution. In contrast to the disordered gel porous network, these regular structures also provide well-defined environments ideal for study of molecular dynamics in confining spaces. However , previous regular sieving(More)
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