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To prohibit the unauthorized accesses on premium contents of the Pay-TV system, a conditional access system (CAS) scrambles the contents with a scrambling key. In order to securely send the scrambling key for descrambling, the CAS transmits the scrambling key after encrypting it with another encryption key. The encryption keys are generally transmitted by(More)
Web services is an emerging technology of distributed computing as an interoperable means integrating loosely coupled web applications. The current basic Web services standards SOAP, WSDL and UDDI are not sufficient to fully support the complete business process. To support the business process, several specifications related to the Web services(More)
An IPTV system that transmits multimedia contents through the IP network needs to adopt a conditional access system allowing the only entitled subscribers to view the premium content as other pay-TV systems do. Although several standard specifications have been published for interoperable models of conditional access systems, the proposed models are based(More)
An IPTV system that transmits contents through anIP network needs to adopt a conditional access system allowingonly authorized subscribers to view premium content as inother Pay-TV systems. IPTV systems adopting one ofconditional access systems provided by a specific major vendorhave a difficulty in changing the conditional access systemloaded on a set-top(More)
Recent toughened water quality standards have necessitated improvements for existing sewer treatment facilities through advanced treatment processes. Therefore, an advanced treatment process that can be installed through simple modification of existing sewer treatment facilities needs to be developed. In this study, a new submerged membrane bioreactor(More)
This paper aims to pre-study on finding events embedded in recent video datasets and transforming them into verbs. To this end, we need to look over conventional video datasets for human action and activity and then analyze the events embedded in video datasets. Finally we should also allow for transformation from events to verbs. As an early stage for this(More)