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During recent years, the cattle breeding industry in China has been under rapid development. With an increasing demand for security and safety, complete documentations for cattle breeding traceability have become mandatory. In this paper, we proposed a RFID-based traceability system for beef daily management, in order to achieve full information track in(More)
BACKGROUND Tilapia has been named as the 'food fish of the 21st century' and has become the most important farmed fish. China is the world leader in tilapia production and export. Identifying information and functional requirements is critical in developing an efficient traceability system because traceability has become a fundamental prerequisite for(More)
This paper proposes to develop knowledge-based decision support system for trade risk management in aquatic product to improve the management capability for trade risk of government and export enterprise via a variety of artificial intelligence techniques. The case-based evaluation shows APRS-DSS has proved itself as an aid tool for trade risk(More)
OBJECTIVE The automatic generation of planning targets and auxiliary contours have achieved in Eclipse TPS 11.0. METHODS The scripting language autohotkey was used to develop a software for automatically generated contours in Eclipse TPS. This software is named Contour Auto Margin (CAM), which is composed of operational functions of contours, script(More)
New and increasing competitive pressures derived from opening market, consumer growing behavior and global trade patterns have a strong exposure that the agricultural products sector faces many types of uncertainty and price volatility. Consequently, the risk associated with price uncertainties has been wreaked havoc on the financial performance of the(More)
Agriculture information has played an important part in recently years. The adoption of agriculture information is a dynamic process and many factors have influences on farmers’ information usage motivation and willingness. The main objective of this paper is to analyze and predict the variations of farmers’ decisions in order to make the information more(More)
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