Jinyool Kim

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We report on a linearly graded phase model for the design of binary diffraction gratings of liquid crystals (LCs) associated with the periodic interfacial effect. The binary nature of the LC grating is produced by use of periodic striped domains in an alternating homeotropic and hybrid geometry. In our graded phase model the diffraction patterns and the(More)
We demonstrate a polarization-invariant liquid-crystal (LC) grating in an oppositely twisted and mutually orthogonal configuration. The polarization-invariant LC grating with high diffraction efficiency is fabricated using a single-masking process with two-step exposure of a linearly polarized ultraviolet light. It is found that the zeroth- and the(More)
We report on the diffraction properties of the binary liquid crystal (LC) gratings consisting of alternating homeotropic and hybrid domains. The measured diffraction patterns agree well with theoretical results in a comprehensive model with a linearly approximated phase profile around the domain boundary. It is found that the linearly distorted length is(More)
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