Jinyong Kim

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This paper compares two …nancial accelerator models by analyzing their respective cyclical characteristics of the external …nance premium and its implications for the equity premium. We answer the question posed by Gomes, Yaron and Zhang (2003)-Can the desirable business cycle implications of …nancial accelerator models be reconciled with the empirically(More)
Any remaining errors are my own. The "rst version of this paper circulated under the title &Monetary Policy in a Stochastic Equilibrium Model with Real and Nominal Rigidities' in the Fall 1995. Abstract A dynamic stochastic general-equilibrium (DSGE) model with real and nominal, both price and wage, rigidities succeeds in capturing some key nominal features(More)
In a model, two players, heterogeneous in their information quality, compete with each other with perfect information about the other player's information quality. If they can decide their timings of actions endogenously, the less-informed player has an incentive to delay her action for learning. On the other hand, the more-informed player wants to delay(More)
—This paper introduces an optimal path finding problem for drone battery charging where their batteries should be charged for the travel from a source to a destination as needed. We present a practically reasonable heuristic to solve the problem by monitoring drones' battery status and traffic conditions in real time through a cloud-based service called(More)
OBJECTIVE Testing was conducted to quantify the kinematics, potential for head impact, and influence on head injury metrics for a center-seated Q3s in a forward-facing child restraint system (FFCRS) in oblique impacts. The influences of a tether and intruded door on these measures were explored. METHODS Nine lateral oblique sled tests were conducted on a(More)
This paper proposes Travel Prediction-based Data forwarding (TPD), tailored and optimized for multihop vehicle-to-vehicle communications. The previous schemes forward data packets mostly utilizing statistical information about road network traffic, which becomes much less accurate when vehicles travel in a light-traffic vehicular network. In this(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS None of this work would have ever materialized without the involvement of several key persons near the start of my Penn career. I was still a freshman in the spring of 2002 when Prof. John (Jack) Fischer gave me a TEM project on GaAs nanowires and a chance to work alongside the ever-jovial Robert Barsotti. That summer I turned up at the(More)
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