Jinyong Kim

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OBJECTIVES Postoperative wound healing status has not been considered in earlier studies on olfactory changes after surgery. This may be a factor accounting for the equivocal postoperative olfactory results. The aim of this study was to investigate postoperative olfactory results according to wound healing status. METHODS Fifty patients who underwent(More)
—This paper introduces an optimal path finding problem for drone battery charging where their batteries should be charged for the travel from a source to a destination as needed. We present a practically reasonable heuristic to solve the problem by monitoring drones' battery status and traffic conditions in real time through a cloud-based service called(More)
This paper proposes Travel Prediction-based Data forwarding (TPD), tailored and optimized for multihop vehicle-to-vehicle communications. The previous schemes forward data packets mostly utilizing statistical information about road network traffic, which becomes much less accurate when vehicles travel in a light-traffic vehicular network. In this(More)
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