Jinyong Kim

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BACKGROUND Stress Granules (SG) are sites of accumulation of stalled initiation complexes that are induced following a variety of cellular insults. In a genetic screen for factors involved in protecting human myoblasts from acute oxidative stress, we identified a gene encoding a protein we designate SGNP (Stress Granule and Nucleolar Protein). (More)
Campylobacter jejuni is one of the leading bacterial causes of human gastroenteritis. Due to the increasing rates of human campylobacteriosis, C. jejuni is considered as a serious public health concern worldwide. C. jejuni is a microaerophilic, fastidious bacterium. C. jejuni must overcome a wide range of stress conditions during foodborne transmission to(More)
INTRODUCTION AND HYPOTHESIS This study describes a technique to quantify muscle fascicle directions in the levator ani (LA) and tests the null hypothesis that the in vivo fascicle directions for each LA subdivision subtend the same parasagittal angle relative to a horizontal reference axis. METHODS Visible muscle fascicle direction in the each of the(More)
Campylobacter jejuni is one of the leading foodborne pathogens worldwide. C. jejuni is isolated from a wide range of foods, domestic animals, wildlife, and environmental sources. The currently available culture-based isolation methods are not highly effective for wastewater samples due to the low number of C. jejuni in the midst of competing bacteria. To(More)
OBJECTIVE Testing was conducted to quantify the kinematics, potential for head impact, and influence on head injury metrics for a center-seated Q3s in a forward-facing child restraint system (FFCRS) in oblique impacts. The influences of a tether and intruded door on these measures were explored. METHODS Nine lateral oblique sled tests were conducted on a(More)
—This paper introduces an optimal path finding problem for drone battery charging where their batteries should be charged for the travel from a source to a destination as needed. We present a practically reasonable heuristic to solve the problem by monitoring drones' battery status and traffic conditions in real time through a cloud-based service called(More)
This paper proposes Travel Prediction-based Data forwarding (TPD), tailored and optimized for multihop vehicle-to-vehicle communications. The previous schemes forward data packets mostly utilizing statistical information about road network traffic, which becomes much less accurate when vehicles travel in a light-traffic vehicular network. In this(More)
AIMS The levator ani muscle (LA) injury associated with vaginal birth occurs in a characteristic site of injury on the inner surface of the pubic bone to the pubovisceral portion of the levator ani muscle's origin. This study investigated the gross and microscopic anatomy of the pubic origin of the LA in this region. METHODS Pubic origin of the levator(More)
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