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Innate immune response plays an important role in control and clearance of pathogens following viral infection. However, in the majority of virus-infected individuals, the response is insufficient because viruses are known to use different evasion strategies to escape immune response. In this study, we use optimal control theory to investigate how to(More)
The investigation of the dynamics and regulation of virus-triggered innate immune signaling pathways at a system level will enable comprehensive analysis of the complex interactions that maintain the delicate balance between resistance to infection and viral disease. In this study, we developed a delayed mathematical model to describe the virus-induced(More)
In the research of biological networks, it is an important problem how to use the quantity to identify essential protein-protein interactions. In this paper, a new definition "representative value of networks " , denoted as " RV " , is presented and applied to analyze the topological properties of three protein-protein interaction networks. From calculation(More)
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