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Focusing on the function shortage and low productivity of existing testing equipment in the semiconductor rectifier bridge manufacture procedure, we designed a master-slave structure testing system. In this system, a PC acts as host processor, and several distributing local single chip micro controllers(SCMs)act as slave processors. The SCMs mainly perform(More)
This paper measured the economic and unified efficiency of 24 electric power supply companies in China. With the development of a low carbon economy, further requirements for energy-saving and emission-reducing have been put forward for electric power supply companies. In this case, we considered the desirable (good) outputs (e.g., electricity sale amount)(More)
The electroretinogram and responses of intermediate horizontal cells (IHCs) were recorded simultaneously and studied under dark-adapted conditions in intact crucian carp, with the hope of providing an answer to the controversy whether the scotopic b-wave contains contribution from both rods and cones. Our observations indicate that the dark-adapted b-wave(More)
Regarding to the daily load forecasting, the sample selection and data preprocessing are crucial to its' precision. In this paper, case-based reasoning (CBR) is adopted to search the historical data whose features are the same as the predict day. CBR is realized through the steps of case representation, indexing, retrieval, and adaptation, and the key idea(More)
The aim of this study was to explore epilepsy-related mechanism so as to figure out the possible targets for epilepsy treatment. The gene expression profile dataset GES32534 was downloaded from Gene Expression Omnibus database. We identified the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) by Affy package. Then the DEGs were used to perform gene ontology (GO) and(More)
The prospect of China's wind power industry is bright, but from the angle of investment, investment amount, operation and maintenance costs of wind power project are relatively high, at the same time, it is facing high policy risk and environment risk. Therefore, we should consider all kinds of risk factors to make appropriate risk management and control(More)
The dark adaptation behaviors of rod-driven and cone-driven horizontal cells were examined by analyzing their light responses recorded intracellularly in the intact, immobilized carp, and compared with that of the electroretinographic b-wave recorded simultaneously. Like the b-wave, the light responsiveness of rod horizontal cells increased gradually with(More)
Carbon emissions are the major cause of the global warming; therefore, the exploration of carbon emissions reduction potential is of great significance to reduce carbon emissions. This paper explores the potential of carbon intensity reduction in Beijing in 2020. Based on factors including economic growth, resident population growth, energy structure(More)