Jinyeong Moon

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This paper presents a power electronic topology for providing a vibration monitor with in-situ magnetic energy harvesting. The energy harvesting circuit uses low voltage MOSFETs and a nano-crystalline magnetic core to extract energy from an operating electrical load like a motor. This topology can be used to power sensors and wireless circuitry for(More)
Energy harvesting offers an important design option for creating sensing and control elements without a requirement for custom wiring or batteries. This paper presents an approach and design method for a magnetic energy harvester, VAMPIRE [1], whose magnetic core periodically goes into saturation. Saturating the core at appropriate times is essential for(More)
This paper presents control schemes for power flow and voltage regulation for magnetic energy harvesters, using unique operating properties set by a current-driven harvester core. An active rectification circuit and a voltage regulation circuit are introduced based on assumptions of a supercapacitor and a MHz microcontroller that is already accompanied in(More)
This paper presents an analysis of a magnetic energy harvester operating from a high power primary device with substantial current consumption. The existing ‘transfer window alignment (TWA)’ technique that can significantly boost the amount of harvested power from magnetic fields is revisited with a high primary current scenario, revealing that any shifting(More)
Retrofittable self-powered sensors for machine condition monitoring ease the burden of installation and decision-making for maintenance and acoustic performance assessment. Terminal box magnetic power harvesting sensors are nonintrusive. They require no special wiring and can simultaneously observe and correlate important variables for machine diagnostics,(More)
This paper provides a survey of example sensors that can be implemented with nonintrusive electromagnetic measurements. Stray electric and magnetic fields exist around many important components in commercial and industrial processes. For example, power cables operate surrounded by magnetic and electric fields. Flow meters operate with cyclically-varying(More)