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Ipomoea trifida (H.B.K.) G. Don. is the closest wild relative of cultivated sweet potato (I. batatas). The diploid I. trifida is important for sweet potato breeding and construction of transgenic systems. It can also be used to discover functional genes, particularly stress tolerance genes which had been lost during the domestication of sweet potato.(More)
Mn<inf>1</inf>Ce<inf>1</inf> and Mn<inf>0.9</inf>Co<inf>0.1</inf>Ce<inf>1</inf> complex oxides were prepared by co-precipitation in hydrothermal conditions and their physicochemical properties were characterized with N<inf>2</inf> adsorption, XRD, Raman, and SEM. The complex oxides show enough stability and catalytic activity for oxidative degradation of(More)
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