Jinyan Lu

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OBJECTIVE Despite extensive research on post-stroke depression (PSD), the role of white matter hyperintensities (WMHs) in its pathogenesis remains uncertain. The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between WMHs and PSD in Chinese patients with first or recurrent stroke. METHODS A cohort of 994 patients with acute ischaemic stroke admitted(More)
OBJECTIVE The clinical significance of microbleeds (MBs) in the development of psychiatric conditions following a stroke is unknown. Lesions located in various cortical and subcortical areas are thought to be involved in the pathophysiology of post-stroke emotional lability (PSEL). This study examined the association between PSEL and MBs. METHODS A total(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to compare the frequency of anxiety symptoms between patients with frontal lobe epilepsy (FLE) and generalized epilepsy (GE). METHODS Forty and 78 patients with FLE and GE respectively were enrolled in the study. Anxiety symptoms were measured with the Hamilton anxiety rating scale (HARS) and the anxiety subscale of the(More)
This paper proposes an automatic model-based path planning method for surfaces inspection on a robot-based scanning system. The original CAD model of the surface is a triangular mesh model. The scanning system consists of a 6 degree of freedom robot and a coded structured light scanner. Based on the system structure and the working conditions of the(More)
Background. Frontal lobe atrophy (FLA) is associated with late life depression. However, the role that FLA plays in the development of depression after stroke (DAS) remains unknown. This study thus examined the association between FLA and DAS. Methods. A convenience sample of 705 Chinese patients with acute ischemic stroke admitted to the acute stroke unit(More)
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