Jinyan Cai

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In this paper, a novel method based on mutual information and fuzzy support vector machines for recognizing radar emitter signals is introduced. The radar signal waveforms are the linear frequency modulation (LFM), frequency-coded signals, BPSK and QPSK. The wavelet ridges and higher-order statistics are used to extract signal features. Mutual information(More)
By utilizing the multi-signal model, the simulation-based BIT testability verification and evaluation has lower cost and requires less time than traditional methods, which has lower risk accordingly. The intelligent diagnosis system based on this method integrates the system modeling, testability analysis, diagnosis and presentation, which not only helps to(More)
In the digital circuit, especially in the study of very large scale integrated circuit system, the system fault-repair has been the key and difficult point for scientists trying to solve, the emergence of the bionic hardware has opened up a new train of thought to solve this problem. Researchers put forward a series of bionic hardware structures and(More)
In order to shorten test time and realize rapid evaluation of the reliability of products, a method of optimal design on multiple-crossed step-down stress accelerated life test (hereinafter written as MCSDS-ALT) based on Monte-Carlo simulation is proposed. The optimal plan of combined stresses in the accelerated life test is designed. The analogue(More)
The issue of test node selection for the fault diagnosis of analog circuit is studied in this paper. The formula of computing the ambiguity entropy of the test node is defined and a new algorithm of selecting test node based on the ambiguity entropy is presented. The practical application proves that the algorithm can cut the test node to the bone and(More)
PARD (Periodic and Random Deviation) of controllable power is important to the study on performance degradation of electronic equipment under voltage stress with different PARD. Taking switching power as an example in this paper the PARD signal is analyzed in time domain and frequency domain. We find that it is closer to real situation when peak-peak value(More)
Simulation-based testability verification method of radar at present mainly uses PSPICE which is a general simulation software to simulate the faults. However, because of the limitation when the PSPICE simulates the radio frequency circuit and the unavoidability in analyzing the testability of radar, this paper reports a novel method which tests the(More)
This paper revises the SNR theory approximate computational formula based on Duffing system with the system parameter of the first order differential term. The weak signal detection circuit based on stochastic resonance in Duffing system is simulated by PSpice software and from the simulation the relationships between SNR and some typical elements are(More)
In order to evaluate the reliability guidelines for electronic equipment with high reliability and long life quickly, this paper presents the method of step-up-stress accelerated degradation testing. First expatiate step-up-stress accelerated degradation testing and the basic assumptions in detailed, then gives the data conversion method from step up stress(More)