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In the high intensity separating process of hematite ore, the concentrate grade and tailing grade cannot be measured continuously. Itpsilas difficult to use any accurate mathematical models to describe the relationship between these two indices and other technique indices, i.e. the exciting current, the rinsing water flow, the feed density for its strong(More)
The linear programming model of enterprise human resource training program is established by taking maximization of the total increased output of the enterprise as an objective function. And the optimal solutions are obtained for different assessment periods. Based on the comparative analysis of the optimal training schemes for different assessment periods,(More)
Computer Assisted Pronunciation Training (CAPT) systems can judge the overall pronunciation quality and point out the pronunciation errors by recognition of the user's utterance to improve the users' oral ability. However, the performance of the current error detection systems can't satisfy the users' expectation. This paper carefully designs the(More)
This paper proposes a high performance control method with Multi-CPU synchronous, time-delay and feedforward compensation for High-Speed Maglev. The proposed control strategies are verified on Real-Time simulation platform with Hardware-In-Loop. The experimental results demonstrate that by using the proposed methods the high-speed maglev can be operated in(More)
With the development of active noise control, some residual noise reshaping other than cancelling demands have arisen in fields like active sound quality control and psychoacoustics. Active noise equalizer ANE is one of the most popular methods of residual noise reshaping. However, the problem of misequalization, i.e., the sensitivity to secondary path(More)
Knowledge of three-dimensional (3D) structures of each individual particles of asymmetric and flexible proteins is essential in understanding those proteins' functions; but their structures are difficult to determine. Electron tomography (ET) provides a tool for imaging a single and unique biological object from a series of tilted angles, but it is(More)
Three-level neutral point clamped voltage source converter (NPC VSC) is widely used in high-power high-voltage applications. The main drawbacks of NPC VSC are the unequal loss distribution among the semiconductors and the fluctuation in the neutral point voltage. Compared with NPC converter, active NPC (ANPC) converter enable more commutations and thus(More)
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