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Formation and characterization of perfluorocyclobutyl polymer thin films
Perfluorocyclobutyl (PFCB) polymers are a new class of materials that show promise as selective layer materials in the development of composite membranes for gas separations, such as carbonExpand
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Synthesis of aluminium-doped ZnO nanocrystals with controllable morphology and enhanced electrical conductivity
In this work, aluminium-doped zinc oxide nanocrystals (AZONs) with controllable morphology and enhanced electrical conductivity are successfully prepared via a solvothermal method and a subsequentExpand
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Optimization of Damping Compensation for a Flexible Rotor System With Active Magnetic Bearing Considering Gyroscopic Effect
Active magnetic bearing (AMB) levitated rotating machineries are always required to operate above the rotor first bending critical speed to achieve a high power density. It is important to ensureExpand
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Antibody purification from CHO cell supernatant using new multimodal membranes
This contribution describes strategies to purify monoclonal antibodies from Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell culture supernatant using newly designed multimodal membranes (MMMs). The MMMs were usedExpand
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CO2 plasticization and physical aging of perfluorocyclobutyl polymer selective layers
Abstract Carbon dioxide plasticization and physical aging are two phenomena that occur in glassy polymers that limit their effectiveness as selective layers in composite gas separation membranes.Expand
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Simultaneous wet ball milling and mild acid hydrolysis of rice hull
BACKGROUND: Rice hull, an abundant residue but a big issue for the rice processing industry, has the potential to serve as a feedstock for production of ethanol because of its lignocellulosicExpand
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Effects of Notch Filters on Imbalance Rejection With Heteropolar and Homopolar Magnetic Bearings in a 30-kW 60 000-r/min Motor
This paper addresses a concise and direct explanation of the effects of notch filter on the rotor imbalance vibration with AMBs. Expand
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Perfluorocyclobutyl polymer thin-film composite membranes for CO2 separations
Abstract The role of carbon emissions on global warming has fueled widespread interest in mitigation strategies. Thin-film composite membranes are a promising technology for carbon capture; however,Expand
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Analysis and experimental study of a novel self-differential eddy current sensor for high-speed magnetic electrical machine
With the increasing rotated speed of the magnetic electrical machine with active magnetic bearings (AMBs), improving the dynamic response and the resolution of the displacement sensor turn into a keyExpand
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Analysis and Experiment of Self-Differential Eddy-Current Sensor for High-Speed Magnetic Suspension Electric Machine
An electric machine supported by an active magnetic bearing (AMB) can realize ultrahigh speed and high power density, and it is developing toward the trends of higher rotation speed and higher powerExpand
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