Jinxiang Dong

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In recent years, management of moving objects has emerged as an active topic of spatial access methods. Various data structures (indexes) have been proposed to handle queries of moving points, for example, the well-known B x -tree uses a novel mapping mechanism to reduce the index update costs. However, almost all the existing indexes for predictive queries(More)
One of the fundamental design decisions in an operating system is how to handle coordination between synchronous and asynchronous event handlers, especially handling the asynchronous interrupts. Interrupt synchronization is critical for real-time operating systems to increase system performance and reduce the interrupt response time. This paper proposes an(More)
Technical advances in ubiquitous sensing, embedded computing, and wireless communication are leading to a new generation of engineered systems called cyber-physical systems (CPS). CPS promises to transform the way we interact with the physical world just as the Internet transformed how we interact with one another. Before this vision becomes a reality,(More)
This paper proposes a virtual brush model based on droplet operation and its application on retrieving character outlines and character modeling in Chinese calligraphy style. In the proposed approach, a virtual brush model based on droplet operation is applied to produce vivid character outlines. The droplet model helps to compute stroke area with(More)
Database encryption is a crucial technique in the security mechanisms of database. It is widely recognized as one of the key issues of data security. Current techniques of sharing the keys and the encrypted data for databases are neither convenient nor flexible in the real applications. Inspired by the PGP technique, we propose a novel database encryption(More)