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Vector map is widely used in geographic information system, the military surveying and mapping, etc. The security problem such as copyright authentication, integrity verification, user tracking, and so on, is increasingly prominent in the process of distribution and use of data. Digital watermarking technique is applied in vector map data, becoming an(More)
In many applications, data mining has to be done in distributed data scenarios. In such situations, data owners may be concerned with the misuse of data, hence, they do not want their data to be mined, especially when these contain sensitive information. Privacy-preserving Data Mining (PPDM) aims to protect data privacy in the course of data mining. Privacy(More)
Traditional malware detection usually relies on the detected file only, not considering the usage scenario. This paper introduces the patterns of user behaviors, in addition to the normal dynamic analysis of process behaviors. The maliciousness of unknown file is calculated by attack tree model and Bayesian algorithm based on the file behaviors and sources.(More)
Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) is a network in which end-to-end connectivity may not be guaranteed because of the frequent and long duration partitions. SMART routing, which is a selective controlled-flooding scheme, utilizes travel companions of the destinations and improves the delivery opportunities, but its flooding overhead can be further controlled. In(More)
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