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Liquid fertilizer applicators has aroused more and more concern along with the increasing quantity of liquid fertilizer. Deep-fertilization liquid fertilizer applicators meet with the requirement of environmental sustainable development. Pricking hole mechanism is a key component of deep-fertilization liquid fertilizer applicator. Parameters of pricking(More)
In order to meet the needs of different spacing and depth of intertillage crops, a kind of liquid fertilizer device which can apply liquid fertilizer deeply into the soil was designed. Rotational speed of planetary frame, forward speed of test-bed vehicle, the distance between rotating center of planetary wheel axle and spraying fertilizer needle-tip were(More)
In order to improve the efficiency of car body structure concept design, Concept car body structure design system was developed on UG/NX5 platform, the system realized CAD modeling and CAE analysis with fully parameter design method, and it created car body template by parametric design tool such as Child rule and Attribute. The interior and external(More)
In order to satisfy the demand of high working efficiency and running stabiLity of Liquid fertiLizer appLicator in the operation process, the pricking hole mechanism of Liquid fertiLizer appLicator with planetary elLiptic gears only was designed. Kinematics analysis model of the mechanism was created. Through theoretical derivation, the mechanism was(More)
The development of three-dimensional (3-D) scaffolds with highly open porous structure is one of the most important issues in tissue engineering. In this study, 3-D macroporous gelatin/hyaluronic acid (GE/HA) hybrid scaffolds with varying porous morphology were prepared by freeze-drying their blending solutions and subsequent chemical crosslinking by using(More)
In order to improve Liquid fertiLizer efficiency, Liquid variable fertiLizing control system was designed with two working modes: a manual control and an automatic control mode. Taking the S3C44B0X microprocessor of ARM7 series as the core device, according to the fertiLizing amount of the current location, the system was able to combined together for the(More)
This paper presents the first computer aided software analysis tool based on HOOMT (High Order Object-oriented Modeling Technique), which provides facilities for structured object-oriented analysis by integrating structured analysis and object-oriented analysis. It contains a graphical user interface for HOOMT-based modeling, supports modeling information(More)