Jinwook Jeong

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This paper addresses an important and challenging issue as how best to model nonlinear asymmetric dynamics and cross-sectional heterogeneity, simultaneously, in the dynamic threshold panel data framework, in which both threshold variable and regressors are allowed to be endogenous. Depending on whether the threshold variable is strictly exogenous or not, we(More)
This paper proposes a new panel model of cross-sectional dependence. The model has a number of potential structural interpretations that relate to economic phenomena such as herding in financial markets. On an econometric level, it provides a flexible approach of modelling interactions across panel units and can generate endogenous cross-sectional(More)
The Rejuran® is a new filler product made from purified polynucleotides. Here we present data from an animal study and a clinical trial to examine the durability, efficacy and safety of the Rejuran® on crow's feet. For the animal study, 25 mice were divided into three groups: Group 1 received phosphate buffered saline (PBS); Group 2 were treated with(More)
BACKGROUND Facial rejuvenation can be achieved using a variety of techniques. Since minimally invasive procedures for face lifting have become popular because of their convenience and short operating time, numerous minimally invasive surgical procedures have been developed. In this study, a nonabsorbable polypropylene mesh is introduced as a new face(More)
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