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This paper is concerned with distributed Kalman filtering for linear time-varying systems over multiagent sensor networks. We propose a diffusion Kalman filtering algorithm based on the covariance intersection method, where local estimates are fused by incorporating the covariance information of local Kalman filters. Our algorithm leads to a stable estimate(More)
This paper addresses a vision-based cooperative search for multiple mobile ground targets by a group of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with limited sensing and communication capabilities. The airborne camera on each UAV has a limited field of view and its target discriminability varies as a function of altitude. First, by dividing the whole surveillance(More)
Model regression is vitally important for performance prediction and quality control in the manufacturing industry. Since manufacturing machines always suffer from random disturbances and unobservable model shift/drift due to component failure and tool wear in the daily production, online model regression techniques are required by the manufacturers to help(More)
Surfactants or polymers are usually used for the liquid processing of carbon nanotubes for their structure separation. However, they are difficult to remove after separation, affecting the intrinsic properties and applications of the separated species. Here, we report an ethanol-assisted gel chromatography for the chirality separation of single-walled(More)
Integrated Circuit (IC) product test in semiconductor manufacturing industry is commonly conducted through the socket pogo pins contacting with the IC products. The socket pogo pins can be degraded due to repeatedly plugging-into and pulling-out from the socket. Degradation in socket pogo pins will greatly affect the accuracy of final test in semiconductor(More)