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This investigation focuses on the development of multibody analytical models to predict the dynamic response, aeroelastic stability, and blade loading of a soft-inplane tiltrotor wind-tunnel model. Comprehensive rotorcraft-based multibody analyses enable modeling of the rotor system to a high level of detail such that complex mechanics and nonlinear effects(More)
The objective of this investigation is to illustrate a modular approach in the development and validation of sophisticated rotorcraft analytical models within the framework of multibody dynamics simulations. This approach is demonstrated with the development of a stiff-inplane tiltrotor wind-tunnel model using two multibody dynamics analyses. The two(More)
In this paper, an ultra-lightweight RFID mutual authentication protocol is proposed with its security proof based on GNY logic. The improved protocol solving problems of DoS caused by the attackers who replay messages, as well as improving the communication confidentiality of readers and tags in an open environment. The security analysis of the proposed(More)
This paper presents the development of two multibody dynamics models to predict the whirl-flutter stability of a stiff-inplane tiltrotor wind-tunnel model and correlates the predictions with experimental data. Comprehensive, multibody-based dynamics analyses of rotorcraft enable modeling and simulation of the rotor system at a high level of detail so that(More)
This paper presents the development of a multibody dynamics model of a VTOL teetering rotor. The developed model includes a teetering hub, containing a flexure and torque tube, rotor blades, pitch links, and swashplate system. A non-teetering rotor configuration, which modified the baseline teetering rotor by removing the teetering hinge, is also developed,(More)
Real vehicle tracking data play an important role in the research of routing in vehicle sensor networks. Most of the vehicle tracking data, however, were collected periodically and could not meet the requirements of real-time by many applications. Most of the existing trace interpolation algorithms use uniform interpolation methods and have low accuracy(More)
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