Jinwei Li

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Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) has recently been investigated extensively for chemical and biomolecular sensing. Multilayer silver (Ag) nanofilms deposited on glass slides by a simple electroless deposition process have been fabricated as active substrates (Ag/GL substrates) for arsenate SERS sensing. The nanostructures and layer characteristics(More)
—To solve the problem of energy saving in the design of wireless sensor networks, a new maximum lifetime routing algorithm was proposed based on uneven cluster, linear programing and fuzzy set theory (UCLF) in wireless sensor networks, which formulated the system maximum lifetime problem as a linear programming problem and selected cluster head based on(More)
A checklist of the 31 Chinese species of Udea is given, including the new species and new records. Udea curvata sp. n. and Udea albostriata sp. n. are described and illustrated. Udea exigualis (Wileman, 1911), Udea stationalis Yamanaka, 1988, Udea prunalis (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775), Udea elutalis (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775) and Udea cyanalis (La(More)
With the development of national economy, the construction of highway network makes astounding advances. The province highway network is evolving after some years’ construction. With the formation of the road network, the security issue of highway toll network is becoming prominent. In this paper, the status and the network security issue of the(More)
With the development of computer network technology, people gradually pay more attention to the network information security. More and more advanced technologies are being used to solve this issue. In this paper, the real-time protected management system of broadband network information safety in unified controlling platform is presented. This system(More)
The implementation of new methods for fast classification of seeds is of major technical importance in the large-scale investigation of seeds identification. A few indices with biological significance were used to identify rapeseed type and variety. The plumpness and the plumpness ratio of rapeseed were extracted by using the variation coefficient of radius(More)
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